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Our Project Archive.

We are proud to have worked on many projects and this is a space for us to share our previous collaborations. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you require more information on any of our past projects.


The Mud Club 2020

During 2020 we worked with Our Little Land to provide gardening sessions weekly. The project was about exploring growing and earth activities. During 2021 this turned into a takeaway service for the families.


Rainbow Adventure 

The Rainbow adventure was a 5 week lockdown project. Each week families were sent videos and takeaway packages of gardening activities. We enjoyed seeing the parents engage with gardening activities from home.

Man Writing


English as a second language. We have previously provided a weekly adult education course.general. This was an English language course for adults.


Social Media Course

We have previously provided an adult course in social media here at the annex. This was to raise awareness  around the social media platforms for families and adults.


NHS Introducing Solids

In 2020 we provided a monthly course to help parents with introducing solid foods to babies. We hope to be be able to provide this course once again  once we are able to open the centre back up again.

Kids Painting

Kid Aid 2020

In 2020 we worked with Kids Aid on a weeky wellness project. The team put together and hosted a variety of creative activities for the families to help them engage with creativity through art therapy.


Antenatal Workshop

We have previously provided a day long antenatal course at the Annex. We hope to be able to provide this course once again when we open back up to our usual capacity,

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Course

We have hosted a 6 week healthy eating course. This helped families and carers gain knowledge in the benefits of healthy eating on a budget. 


Covid- 19 

During the pandemic Martina and the team at Spring Charity kept services going throughout in many forms. Martina made up donation bags and supported 10 families through this difficult time.


Lush Northampton

We have been very lucky to receive donations from Lush UK. We pass the self care products on to our families regularly. We often hear that the parents and children enjoy using the products at home.

First Aid box on pink BG

First Aid Family Course

We hosted a family first aid course here at the annex. This was for parents or carers hoping to gain some knowledge and the skills to provide first aid for the family.

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